Just for the record

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Can't "have at" you, Marco, because you don't allow comments.  But just FYI,  Raani York is no newbie, starry-eyed innocent.  Her website goes back to 2008.  Her book's first copyright is 2005.  She's been blogging about the book, doing interviews and blog tours, for almost a year. 


All her five- and four-star Amazon reviews are from fellow-author friends.  Her supporters on Goodreads were sent there by their group leader on Wattpad, Kevin Weinberg, and Raani had no problems becoming friends with Weinberg even while he and his young minions were posting death threats against me because I dared to not like her book.







For anyone wondering what Wattpad did in response to my sending them 40+ pages of similar posts from Kevin Weinberg aka Parogar:




In other words, I have no idea what, if anything, they did at all.  Maybe they gave him a reward.  Maybe they encouraged him to do more of the same.


They did ask for feedback from me.



I wrote back that I rated their support as bad, since I don't know what they did.  Without knowing that, I can't be satisfied.


Thank you, Wattpad.


And thank you, Margaret Atwood, for supporting them.