I will do these authors the honour of not reviewing their books anymore.

Reblogged from Nemo @ The Moonlight Library:

These authors were on my to-read list until they supported making fun of reviewers and reviewers' opinions on books (because reviewers are stupid and don't 'get' my genius hurr hurr hurr).

I don't want them making fun of me (as opposed to my review?), so I personally won't be reviewing their books anymore just in case I accidentally fall into one of the bingo squares, which Howdy YAL so ingeniously dissects and asks 'what exactly is wrong with it?'


Simmone Howell


Sarra Manning - god damn it I love your books too.

Alison Cherry

Justina Ireland

Cat Hellisen

Jackson Pearce

Elizabeth Briggs


Interestingly enough, some authors involved were already on my do-not-read list.


Look, authors, I get it. You absolutely despise reviewers who don't kiss your butt. Who have the audacity to bring all of their own life experiences into interpreting your book in a different way than what you intended. Who dare to use reviewing as a form of self-entertainment. Who dare to criticise in a way you don't find helpful.


But really, reviewers don't owe authors anything.


Thanks for reminding me of that.


Thanks to Tez for collecting all the info before it was deleted.