The Creature That Wouldn't Die (Anne Rice is at it Again)


Almost don't know what to say.  Some things speak for themselves.


Anne Rice, apparently bored and still looking to keep her name in the press, is set to embark on the latest leg of her jihad against the Careerist Gangsta Thug Bullies by creating a pamphlet/booklet on the subject, filled with cautionary tales and anecdotes shared by victims of the various and sundry traps that befall unwary, innocent authors out here in the Big Bad Bookworld. Only thing is, it's not supposed to include any real proof of such behavior, so you'll just have to take her word for it.  After all, she's Anne Rice and they're her People of the Page.  They are above scrutiny.  Or logic.


You'll note how the first response is from one Micki Peluso- who was swapping 5-star reviews with Raani York.  Yes, we Bullies have long memories.  And screenshots.  Which Anne Rice already declared she won't use.  Because that would be proof.  Not to mention potentially libelous.