Signed up Again on Goodreads, Still Not Reviewing on Site

No I do not plan on reviewing any books on the site at all. Between Booklikes and Amazon that is enough reviews for me to keep track of.


I merely re-signed on the site so I can take part of some cool book discussions with friends I have found here on Booklikes.


I am Obsidian Blue there and here is my page:


I can honestly say that I just like Booklikes more than I ever liked Goodreads and it is probably because I have more control over who can follow my reviews and other things I post.


I am also able to call a shelf anything I want.The mess that started last year with Goodreads not even allowing people to say not a great author or even anything that even alluded to an author in the shelf I thought was beyond dumb. There are at least 10 authors I do not read anymore because I just can't anymore. I remember having a shelf for "authors I just pass on" and though nothing was deleted, the thought of it getting deleted just started making me paranoid that I was just glad to deactivate my entire account.


On Booklikes I decided to have more fun with my shelf names. For example I have shelves here that say the following:


I love you, I know-- which means to me this is a pretty fantastic book in my opinion




These aren't the droids you're looking for- which means awful book, disengage, disengage now.



I do wish that people participated in more group discussions on Booklikes though. ETA: Just got a comment from Miranda (thanks Miranda!) that groups can be set to private here or you have to be asked to join in some cases. So there goes my theory about why not a lot of people are joining Booklikes groups :-)


Please let me know of any book clubs or discussion groups you think I may want to join.