Saturday Morning Cartoons for June 26: Rainbow Connection Edition

I've always found it curious that the USA, and Western Culture as a whole, was always so proud of and quick to trumpet its Greco-Roman origins yet made such tremendous efforts to studiously avoid one of the standards, if not pillars, of those aesthetics: homosexuality and how many of the great thinkers and shapers of their philosophy and way of life were openly gay. Slavery, too; they just didn't have too many problems with that part. But I digress. As I told a gay co-worker just the other night when we were discussing gay marriage, social progress and change are always inevitable. The only question is will they occur in our lifetimes.


Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal in United States. Judgments like this, so historic yet fundamental, can always be summed up in the simplest of terms: respect, dignity and honor. And the SCOTUS wrapped this one up a rainbow colored ribbon with one paragraph.


In related news, this little gem almost goes unnoticed: Defense of Marriage Act rule Unconstitutional.


This Texas preacher's reaction comes as no great suprise, or loss, if he actually follows through with it.


As this post from Vox reminds us, gays and lesbians have always been here, pledging their love to their partners. And they always will be. Deal with it.


Now back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans.


Foodbeast shows us how to make Drunken Oranges.


If that wasn't enough, they also school us on Honey Jalapeno Margaritas.


It gets even better when you find out How to Make Your Own Nutella.


Now wipe your chin and check out these Breakfast Sushi rolls made with tater tots, eggs and bacon.


Only in NYC: DEATH WISH STUFFED PIZZA from @zolisnypizza stuffed with brisket, milk-braised pork, Italian sausage, pepperoni, pork ribs, roasted pigface and mozzarella cheese with a smokes hot dog-stuffed garlic knot pizza.



His girl told him to get rid of his dog, so he posted an ad on Craigslist... about her.


20 of your favorite cartoon characters get Reimagined.


Naughty moments in Disney you may have overlooked the first time. (I know, redundant)


And to top things off, probably the single greatest gambit in the annals of Pop Culture. This one's a real mind scramble.


The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled. And no, I'm not kidding.