Saturday Morning Cartoons for July 18- featuring Bacon flavored Seaweed, Batman vs Superman, Naked Baristas and Deep Fried Lasagna.

Let's get this party started with some really important news: BACON FLAVORED SEAWEED!!! Now Vegans can finally get their groove on!


Shit just got real!


Now back to our regularly scheduled amusements.




It'll take you a few seconds, and then... BAM!!!





You up for some Deep Fried Lasanga Rolls? I know I am.



To promote their new au naturel coffee creamer, Nestle set up shop with naked baristas- and some customers- covered only in body paint.


So... you'll have what she's having?


This is pretty smooth: the Piano Guys performing 50 years of Batman Music.




Speaking of Batman, Dorkly shows us the progression of grittiness in DC comics movies.



The new Batman vs Superman trailer that previewed at ComicCon.  Looks a little like it's all over the place to me, but we'll see.

And finally, Marvel Comics' daring recreation of some classic Hip-Hop album covers. Scroll through to see the comparisons to the originals.


See ya next time.