Reading Progress: Pg 61 of Dragon's Guide to Slaying Virgins.


Synopsis: Morgan had resigned herself to death. She had been ready to follow her true love into the afterlife, if only a certain Dragon hadn’t “rescued” her. She wasn’t grateful – after all, she was a full-fledged Lady Knight and perfectly capable of making her own decisions, without the help of arrogant Dragon Lords, no matter how good-looking everyone seemed to think they were…

After dragging Lady Morgan from a Troll’s lair and dropping her off in another realm, Vallen thought he’d never see her again. But then an old member of his Knight Order betrays her oaths and begins amassing an army of thugs and highwaymen - in the same realm he’d left Morgan.

Racing back with only his brother for a squire, Vallen finds Lady Morgan, accompanied by a teenage Werewolf, ready to take on this Dragon all by herself. But it will take all of them to defeat her, and little do they know that in this battle, the secrets of their broken hearts will rise up from the past and walk aga



Picked this one up as part of a book tour. Can't help but love the cover, but the story is putting me off.  It's all tongue-in-cheek, of course, but it's already getting a bit beyond the pale and I'm starting to lose interest.  After the Douglas Adams-style intro where our girl- who's a badass Knight and a half-Faerie- begging to be eaten only to be rescued by a dragon in human form (who looks like 'sex incarnate'... to a virgin...) she teams up with a werewolf girl who's looking for revenge against the dragon who killed her packmates.  Lots of references to casual dimensional realm-hopping, faerie circles, wizards and a dragon who appears to have sworn allegiance to King Arthur and I'm starting to get bored already.