Reading Progress: Pg 100 of Dragon's Guide to Slaying Virgins.


Ok, things have settled down and it's starting to get a little interesting now that the plot is finally kicking in.


Story so far:  Morgan, a half-Faerie Knight in service to Queen Mab, has a death wish ever since her fiance got flambed by a female dragon named Avery they were hunting.  With Avery dead, Morgan is literally rescued from a troll's cauldron by Vallen- another dragon- who'd come to rescue his brother, Young, from a similar fate.  Morgan learns that Avery is still alive and up to no good, and meets up with Heather, a werewolf girl who's after Avery for killing her packmates.


Meanwhile, Vallen, a Knight apparently sworn to Arthur Pendragon, also learns of Avery's misdeeds and is bound by chivalry to hunt her down, as she used to be a knight herself.


Still some silliness, but it's moving along at a steady clip now.