Monday Morning Mirth- featuring Senior Citizen Cosplay, Ten Cats with a Ball of Ice, Honest Disney Movie Posters, TMNT Mashups and Why the Dinosaurs Couldn't Masturbate

(Meant to post this Saturday, but had to work all weekend. Enjoy)






Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan Art Mashups. Good stuff, and I'm not even a TMNT fan.




Tweepins brings truth to advertising with 25 Honest Disney Movie Posters.



(Currently sitting on US 52 in Ohio just across from Ashland KY. Witnesses state a coyote and a roadrunner were near the scene moments before this huge boulder fell to the road.)


Ten cats encounter a frozen ball of ice. Note to pet owners: apparently they like their drinks cold.




Don't know if this is real or not, but it's funny.



When old folks start getting this good at cosplay, it's time to get out of the game.




See ya next time. :)