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Limp, Flaccid & Boring: STGRB and Kevin Weinberg Can't Find Anything Bad to Write About Me (I'm SO Disappointed)

About a month ago, a certain troll bragged on Twitter about doing an article about me on a particular website.  Recently he claimed it was in the works, but that a few people wanted to add things to it.  Well, the wait is over, sports fans: it's finally up.


And it ain't shit.


The link's below, but if you don't want to drive traffic to the site- and let's face it, who would?- there's the full text beneath it.


Bully as 'Author' #14, John Green, aka Grey Warden


Bully as “Author” #14, John Green, aka Grey Warden

Note: this article is about John Green the blogger, not the famous author of Fault in Our Stars.


Why do the bullies spend so much time trying to destroy authors? I don’t know, but there’s definitely a pattern emerging with these people, as many of them are ostensibly authors themselves—sort of. They are authors in the sense that they try to write a book but never quite complete it, which is also likely why they act as though it is such a trivial and easy process to create a novel yet fail to complete any of their own.


Much like Ginmar, who churns out poorly written fan fictions but has never managed to create something original and complete, John Green is a “writer” in name only, as his super-duper amazing fantasy book has been in the works for years but somehow he’s never managed to complete it. And yet, despite never actually experiencing the pressures and challenges of finishing and publishing a novel of his own, John has self-appointed himself as a member of the “book police,” using his blog to demean, malign, and publicly shame victims whom he feels has violated his code of “author behavior.”


Yes, an “author” who cannot even finish a single book wants to tell other authors how they are to behave, write, and think. And should you run afoul of his guidelines, you can expect a thorough public shaming courtesy of his blog. Often it’s just filled with vulgar demands telling author’s to “fuck off” despite the fact that he’s the one up in their business.



Rest assured, however, that his commenters are just as lovely and charming as he is. Just ask one “Mike Ledo,” who had the following to say about an author who had an opinion he didn’t agree with.



Much like his bully friends, John goes pretty far to find material with which to attack people. If you’re an indie author, expect to have people like John Green crawling around your Facebook at all times looking for something to screengrab.


Shortly after bombarding an innocent author’s books with one-star reviews, John took it upon himself to monitor her Facebook to further shame her.



Yep, John sure does love to use his blog to shame authors for stupid reasons.


Err, I’m sorry. Did I say blog? As in one? I actually meant blogs. Because apparently, one attack blog isn’t even enough for these people anymore. No, he needs to have two attack blogs—that we know of. We recently discovered that he is also the user GreyWarden on Booklikes, which opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms. If you look into the upper-right corner of this archive, you can see his identity.


As usual, if you think he’s vicious on his own name, he’s even worse on his formerly anonymous one, because he’s also delusional and paranoid in addition to being downright mean. On his second attack blog (because of course he has to have two), he pens bizarre articles in which he somehow attributes street harassment of women to Anne Rice. Don’t ask.



But mostly, it’s just hit piece after hit piece. And if not written by him, then reblogged by all the usual suspects, such as Mahala R. Burlingame


Here, you can see him defending the reprehensible actions of Jenny Trout, who had a black woman’s innocuous book pulled down for being “racist towards black women.”

​We advise you stay clear of this nasty bully, but under no circumstance should you give in to his demands. Even if afraid, remember that allowing these people to police you gives them the false sense of moral justification to police others.




I don't know about you all, but I got bored halfway through this.  It really is a whole lotta nothing here.  What kind of a hit piece is this supposed to be?- he barely even called me any names, let alone proved what a bully I am. 


Sure, there's the usual taking things out of context, but this was really pathetic.  And dragging commentors into this?  What's that even got to do anything?


And as far as 'bombarding' an author with one-star reviews, that's a lie. I don't carpet-bomb anyone's books.  If I wasn't interested in your shit before, I usually can't be bothered enough to downgrade your rating after.  I can say I've one-starred specific books, but even so it's allowed under Goodreads' ToS so until it's not, take it up with GR.


I don't know about you, but if I'm trying to show how bad someone behaves towards a certain group you shouldn't use a link that shows that person being generous to a bunch of them before taking issue with one or two knuckleheads.


And it's interesting how KW posted about writing the thing, but it went up under the Johnny B Good pseudonym/sockpuppet/alias, etc.  Intriguing, no?  Teh stoopid, it burns.


I've already spent too much time on this much ado about nothing post.  Clearly either I need to step up my 'bully game' or these clowns need to retire.  This was just plain stupid.