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Avengers & X-Men: Axis - Lienil Francis Yu, Jim Cheung, Adam Kubert, Rick Remender, Terry Dodson

What happens when the heroes go bad, and the villains end up going good?   Well, Axis.   It's a nice look at not an alternate universe, but what these characters would do if they were let loose, or reigned in.   They somehow remain the same, and yet are quite different. Their speech patterns, their general personalities - series, joking, whatever - are still there. Those who were soldiers remain so, and those who were capitalists or rulers remain so, very much. 


But kindness is replaced by the self-centered motivations one usually sees in the seediest of characters in the heroes.   The villains see the need to do good.   And it's interesting, because it's not AU.   The heroes regret the choices they'd made, the sacrifices making them far more bitter because they did nothing to further their place in the world, and at times took much away from them.   The villains look back to their past misdeeds, and regret the pain they caused. 


That being said, this was just a tad too long in my opinion.  I started getting bored around issue eight, and so didn't finish it until now. 


Highlights have to be Zenpool, though.    And Inverted!Carnage, who may be a close second favorite. 




Little Deadpool detour.   (Yes, I will read DC.   Eventually.  I swear!)


Issue 39 said to finish up Axis before I finished up Deadpool, so I'm being good since I've been meaning to finish this anyway.