5 TED Talks That Will Change How You See the World

(reblogged from Readers+Writers Journal)


TED Talks are among the most watched videos on the Internet. Born from a 1984 conference on technology, entertainment and design (hence the acronym TED) they have grown into a multi-national phenomenon, with celebrities and the relatively unknown giving filmed speeches and presentations on topics as wide-ranging as ethics, music, art, books, marketing, history, and psychology. The one thread that connects the over 2,000 talks is that they are personal. The non-profit TED now runs talks, seminars, retreats and fellowships across the world with one mission: to facilitate the spread of ideas.

Below are five top TED talks on writing, creativity, social media, and books. These are not dry university lectures – they are among the most thought-provoking and engaging videos we’ve ever seen.  Hit the link to see them.