Reading Progress: Pg 22 of 350- In The Foothills of Mt. Empyreal The End is Now

Due to some formatting issues and a bunch of unfixed typos, I'm gonna take a stab at what's supposed to be happening here.


Obviously it's an End of Days story.  All the residents of this small mountainside town are trapped in their homes because of the Armageddon Snow that's due to fall.  In the meantime Demonic Air is killing (most) everything outdoors, yet the airflow doesn't bother anyone inside.  A dead body lies in the street, unmolested by local wildlife, and a Mysterious Figure show up to collect the body, making folks wonder why he's unaffacted.  Conspiracy Bill, the local tinfoil guy, discovers that it's all part of the plan for the Biblical Version of New World Order- a single world government.  But the Mysterious Figure- Jason- kills him before he can tell anyone.  Someone takes a potshot at Jason (again, how they're not affected by the Demon Air, I don't know) who in turn ascends to the heavens in a ball of flame.


I'm starting to think I'm no longer capable of choosing which ARCs to review.