Sniveling Little Cowards

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Recently I wrote a blog about author Lacey Crowe. Yes, I snarked, I mocked, I pointed out her less than stellar behavior. If you are going to try to make reviewers only write positive reviews then perhaps your own behavior shouldn't violate the TOS of various review sites.


I have often stated, but maybe not often enough, that violence is not an acceptable response. Mocking is. Not buying their books is. Violence is not.


This morning I found a new comment on my post for R A Nunes new release. I contacted BL but the sniveling little Weinberg drone had already deleted their guest account.



Hey, I guess it's okay to game the system and try to harass, guilt, or otherwise pressure reviewers into writing only positive 4 and 5 star reviews but mocking that behavior is beyond the pale.


I. Don't. Think. So.


All those reading this that don’t approve of kevvie’s little friend’s behavior, do me a favor, buy her new book or go donate to Rachel’s GoFundMe. It’s an important cause, plagiarism, particularly this very nasty case of it should not be tolerated.


I really hope kevvie’s little underage girlfriend didn’t skip school to post that.