Tells You Nothing

Séraphine (Eternelles: A Prequel, Book 0.5) - Natalie G. Owens, Zee Monodee

The second prequel to the series, brings us Sera- now a full grown woman- about to begin her life with her fiance, William, and sail to New York on the USS Titanic (so unlike the first installment we at least know what time period this takes place in).

The night before departing, Sera is attacked by a man she'd met before- Harcourt, who turns out to be a vampyre- and, of course, misses her date with history... and the death of her fiance, which doesn't go over well.

Even more ham-handed than the first prequel, it still gives you no context for anything happening. All events take place in a vacuum and you've no reason to give a damn about any of it. And like the first prequel, there's no reason for this. At all.