Amazon has always had the ability to stop the fake reviews

Reblogged from Linda Hilton:

Screenshot taken today, 8 April 2015, of the Terms of Service at



Let's get a closer look at part of that:



But that's today's TOS at fiverr.  Could the TOS have been different a few months ago?  Well, here's a screenshot I took on 29 August 2014 of a fiverr forum discussion.  The dates lack a year, but they are from 2014.




So, if Amazon always had the ability to stop the flood of fake reviews coming from fiverr, why didn't they?  A few were pulled, as the discussion above suggests.  And goodness knows Amazon was presented with sufficient evidence of others.


So why are they just now going after this Gentile person?  Was it because he was using their name -- trademark infringement -- in his web addresses?  Or is there something else going on?


Inquiring minds want to know. . . .