STGRB: Gone... Again

It's Deja Vu all over again.


Not sure when it happened, but as of today I noticed that Stop the Goodreads Bullies is (once again) on enforced vacation from the internet.  Anyone visiting the page will only see the boilerplate with the usual suspension notice and for the webmaster to contact Hostgator.


Can't even remember how many times this has occured now- four, five?  You'd think with all the 'people' behind the site they could pass the hat amongst themselves to keep the page up.  What- Melissa Douthit/Athena Parker, et al, can't afford $60-80 a year to keep the fucking thing running,,,?  Couldn't they hit up Anne Rice for a few bucks to underwrite it?


Guess there's a lot of holes in dem socks.