Review: Isis' Betrayal (Rowan Sisters #2) by Brenda Tam & Tami Julka


Isis Rowan is the fiery middle sister of the prophesized witch triplets, and when she finds out that the High Priestess Cele has not only attempted to kill her sister, but is also practicing dark magic and committing atrocious acts to gain power, she is ready to chop off some heads. To make matters worse, Cele has also targeted the gorgeous and sexy human-sex demon hybrid Braeden, who also happens to be her Fated Mate. Isis is ready to kick some ass, until she realizes that Braeden is not all that he seems. Once she uncovers the truth, it’s all-out war, and while she has no problem giving her destructive temper free reign, she must channel her anger to thwart Cele, and save those she loves. Goddess help the evil High Priestess when Isis finally gets ahold of her.


Braeden Hall, a cambion who needs sex to survive, finds himself in an impossible situation when his son is kidnapped by an insane High Priestess and held captive. To free him, Braeden thinks he’s given a simple task of collecting information on a sexy female until the witch he is to manipulate ends up being the one female meant for him, his Fated Mate. He is ultimately forced to choose between loving Isis and protecting his son. He wants nothing more than to claim Isis for eternity, but that means his son will die. The precarious balance all cambions live with is threatened, and he fears becoming a full-blown sex demon who will rape and pillage without thought. Will he be able to overcome Isis’ infamous temper and convince her to not only become his ally, but ultimately, his mate?


***Disclaimer: I received a free copy in exchange for a review.***


This is one of those PNR/UF series that's in it for the sex instead of the magic and myths, making for a light, quick and easy to read. There's just enough of a story to hold it together until the next sex scene, which there are plenty of and does get pretty steamy at times- nothing wrong with that at all. Still, there's a couple of things that bugged me.


First, the title is misleading as there's no real betrayal. While Braeden's mission is to do so, he never does; the sisters discover what's going on and quickly offer to help him. Plus the little bit of info Braeden delivers is much of nothing that Cele couldn't have pieced together herself.


Second, as is always the case with Insta-Luv Soul Mates, there's no choice or even the illusion of it. Once you hook up and get marked, that's it- you're FATED, you're DESTINED to be together... which really takes all the tension and drama out of things. And the fact that Braeden and Isis both knew it didn't exactly up the ante, either. Just makes for a lot of marking time until we get to the forgone conclusion.


Bottom line: enjoy the sex, don't think too hard about anything and you'll be fine. 3/5 stars.


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