Review: After the Woods by Kim Savage

(reblogged from Writing Through Rose Tinted Glasses)

Initial reaction: I might be the minority opinion on this one, but despite an interesting protagonist and beginning with intriguing details, the presentation of this mystery was severely disorganized and lacking for what it was trying to do. It took tangents that didn’t really gel with the overarching story, and somehow I felt all the characters save for Julia were stereotypes. I feel like the ending was obvious and forced.
Full review: Hoo-boy. :( I’m kind of struggling in the aftermath of reading this book because I went into it liking the intrigue of it and the protagonist’s voice, but by the time I reached the end, I was glad to be finished with it. I think my biggest problem with Kim Savage’s “After the Woods” is that it, logically, doesn’t make a bit of sense for a mystery or for the story presentation, even comes across as a bit offensive with how it tries to haphazardly divert attention from the main story and then loops back around to try to throw a few twists without much expansion to reach its ending and respective culprit. Granted, I know what it was trying to do, I know what it was going for, but it was a mess for execution and could’ve been so much better with tying details together and for overarching character development.