Waylaid Cover Reveal


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I’ve been teasing you all week about the cover for “Waylaid” the Hollows/Drafter mash up. It’s got Rachel. It’s got Jenks, and just a wee smidgen of Al as I mix two worlds that were never meant to touch.  But the cover? I love the cover with the hot and cold tones. This comes out fairly soon, actually, with a April 4th release on the usual e-book outlets, but both retailers have free software that lets you read it on your computer. I can’t imagine that this won’t be included at the back of something someday, but don’t count on it being anytime soon.


For the price of a coffee, a glimpse of what might happen if the two worlds collided:




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Waylaid has become the kickoff for my new campaign that celebrates the broken hero. Tim and I have shirts, (I’ll show you Monday!) and give aways, and a rare opportunity for you to get some of my older titles personalized if you order them through Nicholas. (So I can, you know, sign them to you.)



With that in mind, I’m making the first of the Truth series available from March 1 to March 31.  (Yes, these were written by me!) I’ll have the other two titles available next month, and so on until all my back list has been run through.





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