Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

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The other month we had a staff training session.


You know the feeling right?


A whole day sitting, listening to someone chit chatting away about things that are totally irrelevant.


Techniques that will probably be forgotten by 95% of the people attending the course, as soon as they walk out.


But this time, there was something pretty major that I took away with me.


The training was all about Differentiation in the Classroom.  In layman’s terms, that means how we can teach the same to all different levels of pupils.  How we can cater for all within one lesson, and have each pupil leaving the classroom, feeling like they learned something.


It’s not an easy thing to do, from the Early Years through to the older children, but it is so important to actually present learning  in a way that a child understands.


The speaker talked about mindsets, and specifically Fixed mindsets Vs. Growth mindsets.




Now, I found some images on Google that give you a bit of an idea about what these mindsets are.




In a nutshell, we have to, as educators, allow our pupils to have a Growth mindset.  They need to feel that they can do it. They can learn something. They just have to keep on trying.


And in order for them to be able to develop this mindset, we need to have the same too.


Literally, the next day, I was talking to my own children, and Lil Man, who finds maths pretty tough, was chatting to me.  I have never been much of a mathematician myself, and I was ready to sympathise with him, saying I was never great at maths too, but then I remembered what the lady said the day before. So I altered my own words to say that, yes, I was never the best at maths, but I hadn’t stopped learning, even to this day.  In fact, I am ashamed to say, I don’t know my times tables by heart… thought with my own children learning them, I am getting better every day!


These statements below are a great way of altering your wording, so you can make any possible negative statement into a positive!


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