37 Free Online Writing Courses from Top Universities

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Writing and Reading the Essay – MIT

Writing and Reading Short Stories – MIT

Professional and Technical Writing – Purdue University

The Writing Process – Purdue University

Principles of Research and Problem Solving (Powerpoint Download) – University of Michigan

Introduction to Novel Writing – University of College Falmouth

Writing for Children – University of College Falmouth

Critical Reading and Writing – University of Massachusetts at Boston

Start Writing Fiction – Open University

Writing What You Know – Open University

Technical Writing – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Flash Fiction – University of Iowa

How to Find the Short Story Within Your Novel – University of Iowa

Intermediate Writing: Research Writing in a Persuasive Mode – USU

Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose – USU

Writing and Rhetoric: Writing about Sports – MIT

Writing and Rhetoric: Rhetoric and Contemporary Issues – MIT

Writing and Experience: Reading and Writing Autobiography – MIT

The Creative Spark – MIT

Writing and the Environment – MIT

Writing on Contemporary Issues: Food for Thought: Writing and Reading about the Cultures of Food – MIT

Expository Writing: Analyzing Mass Media – MIT

Writing on Contemporary Issues: Culture Shock! Writing, Editing, and Publishing in Cyberspace – MIT

Writing on Contemporary Issues: Imagining the Future – MIT

Writing and Experience – MIT

Science Writing and New Media – MIT

Writing with Shakespeare – MIT

Writing About Literature – MIT

Writing and Reading the Essay – MIT

Writing About Race: Narratives of Multiraciality – MIT

Writing and Reading Short Stories – MIT

Writing and Reading Poems – MIT

Genre Fiction Workshop – MIT

Transmedia Storytelling: Modern Science Fiction – MIT

Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice – MIT

Writing about Nature and Environmental Issues – MIT

Popular Culture and Narrative: Literature, Comics, and Culture – MIT


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