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Cut back to three years ago in Fairyland, Hansel wakes up from his ordeal tended to by Snow White and Prince Liam, whom he clearly doesn't like for some reason.  Though clearly injured no one seems aware of what all transpired down in that chamber- or what Hansel thinks transpired. But at least they brought the chest back with them; Hansel goes to open it up and finds... a mirror.


Alice comes to and finds herself trapped in a strange room, similar to the one Hansel was in.  She's not alone; several other captives abide there, including Pino's own wife!  Their jailor is one of the Seven Dwarves themselves (odd how no one's ever commented on the missing member so far).  Alice asks why she's here?- because the Mirror wanted her.


I swear, even though I'm signed up to review this thing I'm sore tempted to put this down as DNF.