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After their escape, Pietro and Crescenzo compare notes about what just happened; Pete's at a loss but the figurines Pino gave him are a big enough hint- next stop: NYC!


Cut back to 25 years ago in Fairyland.  Pinocchio wants to go play in the mines with his friends- Peter Pan, Alice, Hansel, etc- but Geppeto won't let him because it's too dangerous.  Peter Pan is upset because Wendy doesn't come around anymore; her father said he was a bad influence (or bad in fluents, as Peter interpreted it) and he'll never grow up.  Hansel and Alice realize Peter's in love with Wendy. 


For some reason no one believes Alice when she tells them about her mirror adventures, let alone when she fell down the rabbit hole... which is kinda odd, given the circumstances.  Exasperated, Peter hits on the idea that they should all grow up so they'll be taken seriously; they'll get Pinocchio and go find Violet, the one who helped him become a real boy (oh, so that's who she is!). 


Violet know lots of stuff.  She knows about Victor Frankenstein, Kaa the Snake (Jungle Book)- all kinds of things.  So there's a magic mirror in the castle of the Ivory Queen- Queen Avoria, her wicked stepmother- that she can use to help the kids grow up.  She tells them a story about how Frankenstein resurrected Kaa at the Queen's behest to help her during a war against some giants.  Kaa's bite infected them and he consumed their souls.  But like any zombie, his appetite was insatiable and he kept growing.  Kaa also bit the queen but she absorbed his power.  When Violet's father stood against her she trapped him withing a mirror, but Violet managed to magically put her to sleep.


Violet gifts them with magical powers: Peter can now fly anywhere, not just in Neverland.  Alice is given a red cloak that renders her invisible, and Pinocchio is bestowed a carving knife.  And off they go.


Do you care?  Because I don't.