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Three years ago in Fairyland: Hansel begins to fall under the spell of the magical mirror found inside the chest.  Talks to it every day- most times it answers- except for when they have a specific topic.  The mirror claims to want to be freed from its prison; Hansel asks how, only for it to fall silent.  Frustrated, he tries to smash the mirror with a goblet; failing, he realizes it's cursed (no, really?).  When he covers it up, Gretel suddenly seems to be reaching out from within, begging for his help.


Back to the real world: Rosana, Alice's daughter, still hasn't given up looking for her and finally decides she needs a bird's eye view of things instead of canvassing the subway tunnels- at least it'll be a change of pace- so she heads for the Empire State Building. (wonder whom she'll meet up with there?)


Pietro and Crescenzo finally hit New York.  Pietro teases 'Enzo about the figurines they're carrying in their pockets, only to be annoyed when they see a subway poster for Peter Pan on Broadway- played by a dark haired woman.  Oddly, Pietro's more upset about the dark-haired part.


Atop the ESB, they spy a girl who looks *exactly* like one of Pino's figurines- and wearing a red hood.  They also spot the guy who took Pino, who now has a short accomplice with him.  The fellas move in to protect the girl, just as the bad guys move in to grab her.


After a brief scuffle scene, Pietro picks up Enzo, while Pietro's shadow breaks away from him- much to Rosana's confusion- grabs her, and they all make their getaway.


Back in Fairyland three years ago: Hansel is back to fussing with the mirror, who's now showing him images of NYC.  Finally it taunts him with visions of Gretel, feeding his guilt and berating him into taking action to save 'her'.  Hansel finds himself back in the same mine chamber he discovered the chest in, and the mirror's now barking orders at him like a drill sergeant.  He shall be its 'Huntsman' (gotta be kidding me)... he shall bring it seven specific individuals, but only when instructed to, and that'll help free your sister...  Hey, who the heck are you?  I'm Queen Avoria (you know, the one whom that chest belonged to?) and the first person Hansel has to bring her is... Pino's wife.


Well, now that we've cleared all that up- I still don't care.