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Rosana, Pietro and Enzo follow Peter's shadow to a RenFaire in Maryland, with the bad guys hot on the trail.  Despite everything that's happened, Enzo is still being written as a skeptic- just because.  Rosana disappears; turns out she put her hood up, invoking its invisibility magic.  Yet she's so dumb that she doesn't realize once she takes the hood off she's back- even though Enzo spots her immediately.


At the RenFaire they encounter Prince Liam, Snow's hubby- who's been stuck here posing as a knife thrower ever since Hansel zapped him.  Strange how he still doesn't know jack-shit about the rest of the world or appear to have actually done a damn thing other than just be at the faire all this time.,,


So after another encounter with bad guys, Liam manages to sneak them out of the faire in a caged wagon... yeah.  Mulan shows up and whisks them all away in her private jet to Hollywood to find their next member- Violet- who's a big time actress attending the red carpet premier of her new Peter Pan movie (this is a running gag throughout the story).


So- how does one track down an A-list actress at a big event? Forget rubbing shoulders with them during the proceedings- just shout out their Fairyland name while they're taping an interview.  They'll come running to your rescue while you scuffle with security.  Works every time.


As they're slipping away form the gala, Hansel and the dwarves arrive; after more exposition, Hansel uses those magic darts to zap Rosana, Pietro and someone else- honestly I don't give a shit right now- back to Fairyland.  Ezno loses it and demands answers.


It's a good thing I'm moving towards the end, 'cause I was finished with this shit a long time ago.