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And now- the rest of the plot...


Pinocchio, Alice, Peter Pan & Wendy Darling manage to steal the magic mirror from the Ivory Queen's castle, nay- her very bedchamber.  But of course they not only wake her from her magic slumber but burn down the whole damn castle in the process.  No biggie; a good villain always has a backup plan... like a hidden chamber down in a mine or something.


Violet is happy to see the kids coming home; Gretel was afraid, so she stayed behind with Violet, who cheered up with stories and such.  The kids bring home the prize, Violet grants their wish and sends to the Real World where they'll become adults.  Just don't tell anyone who you really are- because people fear what they don't understand. 


Suddenly the Ivory Queen emerges from the mirror.  Violet protects Gretel while they do their dialogue about all the eeeevil things the Queen's done and the stupid things Violet's done- like sending children to steal a magic mirror- and they start magicking each other.  The Queen gets suctioned back into the mirror and starts pleading to Gretel for help, who clearly hadn't been paying attention to a damned thing and due to her innate goodness tries to help the Queen, getting sucked into the mirror right along with her.


Violet has no choice but to rally the Order of the Bell- the secret society that protects Fairyland.  Roll call: the Beast, Merlin (yep), Captain Hook, some old woman with a blunderbuss and... Mulan.  Violet already knew what Hansel was up to, so they confront him but the Queen's got her hooks too deep into him and he overwhelms the group save for Mulan, who stole one of his magic darts and zapped herself into the Real World.


Hansel's almost finished; just one more victim and the Queen'll be ready.  The mirror shows him who the next target is... really?  No!  Not them!  Anyone but them!  (Here's a hint: one of the dwarves walks in and sees the target so Hansel zaps them to the Real World).  Now even Hansel's not sure he wants to keep doing this anymore.