Reading Progress: 7% Fish Wielder



A few lines from the opening chapter- The Fist Wielder:

*It was the anniversary of something bad.
*A less attractive or more effeminate man would never have been able to pull off such an outfit, but for Thoral it was no problem.
*There was no word for the vibrant purple color of his eyes, but they were violet.


Toss in a sidekick who's a foot long orange koi named Brad and a tiger-striped steed named Warlordhorse, and we're ready for adventure.  Warlordhorse is a Brendylschmylyn- a breed that can smell danger. And evil. And even evil sorcerers.


So Thoral is melancholy to the point of wanting to die in combat or something. While trying to mount his steed, Warlordhorse, three members of the Bad Religion sneak up and try to kill him with poisoned daggers, but... alas. And so we're off to the Godforsaken Swamp... which seems remarkably familiar to the Bog of Eternal Stench from Labryinth. With a castle that Warlordhorse can smell has an evil sorcerer inside.


In the depths of the dark, forboding castle- which the evil sorcerer usurped from the previous good king and poisoned the surrounding lands- Thoral invokes the runes on his magic sword, Blurmflard, which cause it to glow hot pink.  The evil sorcerer sneaks up on Thoral and almost hacks his arm off using a poisoned dagger (is there any other kind?) and runs off down some corridors that have confounding spells on them.




So far just a few smiles, no real laughs yet.