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And now- a few fun facts about elves:


They ride unicorns.  A lot.  And don't use saddles.


They like to eat delicacies such as baked eel stuffed with bluebirds stuffed with salamanders stuffed with ground dragon tongue.  And they mostly drink water.  And are gluten intolerant.  They're also famous for their sherberts, which can't compare to the gelatos from Flurge but are still pretty tasty.


It's well known that girl elves are the toughest, most dangerous fighters.  And they aren’t bad to look at, either.


And when they get tired of being around humans, they can ride a great white pigeon to a land across the sea.


And the Princess-Who-Has-Yet-To-Be-Named finally gets one.  "She is called Nalweegie, the Evening Snack," King Elfrod revealed, "because to look on her in twilight quells the hunger of one's heart without making one feel overfull, as can happen with a more substantial meal."