Amazon's Kindle Scout Program

Anyone familiar with this?  How's it working out so far?


Kindle Scout


With Kindle Scout, you can read excerpts from unpublished manuscripts and nominate your favorites to be published to Kindle. If a book you nominated gets published, you will receive a Kindle copy of that book for free.


To get started with Kindle Scout: Visit If you are not signed in, click "Hello. Sign In." in the upper right corner and enter your Amazon account information.


  1. Read excerpts of the available Kindle Scout books and nominate your favorites to be published by clicking Nominate Me. You can nominate up to three books at a time.


Each book’s detail page displays how many days are left in the book’s campaign. When the campaign is over for a book you nominated, you’ll be notified via e-mail whether the title was selected to be published.


You will receive a free copy of the Kindle book if a title you nominated is published.