Is This Thing On?

Well- looks like the place is up and running again... Guess I've got some catching up to do.


Kinda upset with BookExpoAmerica (BEA). They're back in NYC this year and when I went to check the page about registering, there were some changes.


The big one is you have to APPLY before you can even register.  You have to be vetted before you can even give them your hard-earned money!  I guess this is a measure to keep out the "riff raff".  It's always been open to the public, but the last few years have seen a bunch of issue crop up so I guess this is their way of being proactive.  It's like the BEA was a rider attached to Trump's Muslim Ban...



And the prices have pretty much doubled.  A 3-day pass used to be in the $150-$175 range, as you can seen it's now $300!  $400 if you register "late" or onsite during the expo.  They've kept prices the same for industry professionals, tho.


Looks like I'm gonna be putting in lotsa OT this month.


Nice to be back 'round these parts.