Book Flog: Wonder Woman- Warbringer, Chapter 2



Chapter 2:

On the way back home Diana hears the horns sounding the end of the race- she’s lost!  Not only that, she’s the last to return!  Rani, a runner when she was mortal, naturally won- again!  Wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t such a sweetheart.


Tek teases Diana, still calling her Pyxis; Diana recalls her mother’s lessons about always holding your head high.  Tek gets some backup from a few others; Diana gets a few shots of her own in, so it’s all good.  But it didn’t change that many feel Diana wasn’t truly worthy to be an Amazon, not having earned her place here.


Even with being distracted by how to deal with Alia, the evening continues.  Hippolyta & Tek sat together, snapping at each other like only BFFs can.  They were first among the Amazons, the first to turn away from the World of Men.  Diana recalls one night as a child overhearing the two of them arguing about her- her nature, what price the gods might demand in return for her... Tek had chastised Hippolyta for deciding to do this; Hippolyta counters that Di belongs to all of them.  Tek calls BS; she made the choice and they’ll all end up paying the price.


Rani and a few others decide to race each other, breaking up the festivities.  Di and Maeve slip away to talk for a moment when Maeve suddenly sways and falls over, burning up with fever.  Diana feels it too; all Amazons are connected by blood- some type of sympathetic magic. (?)  But how- Amazons don’t get sick!


As they seek help for Maeve, everything seems to shift and shake- it’s an earthquake!  Here?!?  Tek goes to find the queen, leaving Diana to wonder if any of this could be connected to Alia’s presence.  In the entire history of Themiscyra, only twice had anyone dared to bring a mortal to the island.  The first was Kahina, who saved a child from death on a battlefield and wanted to keep her, only for both to be exiled.  The second was Nessa, who’d tried to sneak her mortal lover onto the island by ship.  Di recalls the story of Nessa’s downfall- stripped of her armor as the land shook and the winds howled, so angered was the island, so angered were the gods.  One by one the Amazons turned their backs on her as Nessa passed into the mists, back to the World of Men.


Diana finds Tek with Hippolyta, who’s sending runners out to warn everyone.  More Amazons have fallen sick and Hipp wonders if it’s only affecting all the younger ones.  Tek casts a glance at Diana and says no.  Hipp decides they need to visit the Oracle.  The Oracle always demanded a sacrifice of some type, and if she didn’t like what was offered…


Tek goes to light signal fires and Hipp tells Diana to help her with her hair; the queen must appear regal at all times.  Diana decides to confess about Alia; the Oracle would know anyway and could have repercussions for her mother’s rule.  Hippolyta thinks she was going to mention to race, and offers a few soothing words- plus she didn’t think Di would’ve won, anyway.  That stings, especially since she would’ve won if not for Alia.




Hippolyta leaves and Diana, princess of Themiscyra, decides to consult the Oracle on her own. 32 pgs.