Wonder Woman: Warbringer- Book Flog, Chapters 5&6



Chapter 5:

Despite the pain, Diana kept working.  Maeve & the others are really sick; Amazons are linked together by blood- even when sparring, they all felt the blows.  If one of them died… Diana didn’t want to think about that.


They got the raft together, Diana tying it with the strands from the phantom horse.  Each time she tied off a section it became invisible, protection from being spotted.   Diana thinks they can make it to a place no more than two days out on foot from Therapne.   Or maybe they could do better?  Nope; Alia says she can’t drive- what’s a girl from NYC need to drive for?


They get going and Diana still has lingering thought about just letting the island take care of things.  They passed the boundary with barely a ripple and the color’s already coming back to Alia’s cheeks.  They pass through the mists; Diana’s done it- she’s on her first adventure, her first quest- like a True Amazon!  This’ll show everybody she’s worthy!


Di takes out the Heartstone, and holds hands with Alia.  There’s no place like Greece… there’s no place like Greece…  The raft starts spinning, like it’s caught in a whirlwind!  The girls hold on for dear life.  Guess the gods were kinda pissed off after all.


Suddenly it’s over.   Half the raft is gone, but they’re ok.  Diana did it!- she’s in the World of Men!  The water are still and there’s a plethora of lights off in the distance.  Too many lights, actually- maybe they’re a little off course.  A large gray-green statue holds a torch aloft, like a beacon.  Alia is ecstatic- they’re in NYC!  81 pages.


Chapter 6:

Oh, crap!  This is all wrong!  Hey- what the heck did you do?  Me?- you were steering!  The Heartstone was steering, and I was thinking about Greece… and you were thinking about home!  *raise your hand if you saw it coming!*   Blast!- the Heartstone could only be used to leave or return to Themiscyra.  Returning to the island for another shot doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Ok- Improvise.  Adapt.  Overcome.


Ok, we’re in New York.   And it’s night.  First thing is get to shore.  No way in HELL are we swimming in the Hudson River!!!  Do you have any idea what…  SPLASH

Despite the situation, Alia makes a few snow angels on the ground once they reach Battery Park.  Diana takes it all in- the size ,the scope, the strangeness…  One thing to read about in books and hear tales, but to see it in person…


Time to make plans.  First, we need shoes, hot food and a bath.  No, no contact; the people trying to kill Warbringer think you’re dead and you gotta stay that way.  We need an airplane to get to Greece… That takes money and a passport!  What’s a… Exactly, and even if I agree with all this we still need money and supplies.  Except despite all your sneaking around someone knew you were on that boat and tried to kill you, so you can’t go home yet.  And we still need money, which we can’t get to.  But I have an idea!  First we need to hop a train.


Diana experiences a commute for the first time and learns the meaning of ‘personal space’ and  ‘subway stare’.   Two girls who are clearly partied out get on, attracting unwanted male attention, so naturally…


Off the subway Diana’s attracting all kinds of looks, as she’s still dressed like Xena.  Alia leads her to a parking garage and explains that Diana’s first trip to NYC will include a little Breaking & Entering.  94 pages.