Book Flog- Anita Blake: Serpentine, Chapters 3-7 (Nothing but Filler)


Crapter 3

Anita quickly stumbles into Nate, whose got more dresses for her to try on.  He’s recovering from the hair torture in the previous book and has a ponytail for now.  They had planned on torturing and killing him in front of Anita, but she escaped and killed them first- so there! 


There’s two bodyguards- Millington- a former Navy SEAL, of course and Custer, aka Pud.  But look- here comes Nicky Murdock (she finally came up with a last name for him!) Long infodump about Nicky’s appearance, they all heard the argument, Tedward’s been teaching Donna some moves, wedding stuff, blahblahblah.


Anita keeps tripping over the hem of the dress; Nicky offers to carry her.  Nate chimes in , but Anita’s firm and as they walk back to meet the rest of the bridesmaids Anita trips and falls, flashing everyone.   34 pages.


Crapter 4:

Donna & Dixie are all peaceable now; giving thumbs up or down to Anita’s dress choices until settling on one.  Nicky notices it’s getting late; Dixie’s confused but Donna (!) explains they need to be out of town by sundown or Obsidian Butterfly will break a foot off in Anita’s ass. (so much for keeping secrets)  Dixie talks some shit about Anita and Vampires, then Tedward shows up snarking about JC being Anita’s Snow White to put a halt to the bitchiness. 


Or at least he tried to, because Dixie just won’t quit.  She can’t even let Tedward & Donna enjoy a little PDA without snapping about it.   Nate flashes a smile at Anita, and Donna snaps that it’s her and Nicky left out in the cold.  Subtle.  Tedward explains Nicky’s on duty so he can’t snog Anita right now, then infodumps their relationship status; Dixie’s shocked- is anyone not banging Anita?  And they don’t care that she’s gonna marry other people but not them?  Dixie can’t let shit go and finally tells Donna she’ll be there for the wedding but when Donna finds out Ted’s the cheater Dixie thinks he is, she’ll hold Donna’s hand just like when Frank died.  41 pages.


Crapter 5:

There’s only a week to go and Donna needs to decide whether to keep Dixie in the wedding or not.  45 pages.


Crapter 6:

Back to St. Louis; infodumps about new & different weres performing at the Circus.  Anita thinks she has an idea about Micah’s snake case.  Everyone’s got new call signs and code names for security; Anita couldn’t decide so Nate picked Kitten for her.  His is Robin- as in Batman.  JC has Renard and Micah has Wolverine (go figure). 

Mile long stairs down below the Circus… JC’s orgy-sized bed… Nate can hear them in the bathroom and smell the lavender bubble bath… Nate notes all the new guards around them; Anita’s mad she didn’t mention it sooner and with everything going on feels like things are slipping out of her control.  Lots of kisses make everything all better.  56 pages.