Book Flog- Anita Blake: Serpentine, Chapters 7-10 (Still Nothing but Filler)



Crapter 7:


Anita and Nate open the door to see JC & Micah are lounging in the orgy-sized tub.  Nicky bows out to give them all some alone time.  That’s it.  Seriously.   59 pages.


Crapter 8:


Anita’s distracted from JC by Nate getting naked; JC teases her for staring at “dat ass”.  (Nope, not kidding)   Typical wangst from Anita- she’s just so, so lucky to have all the hawt menz.  In the midst of JC undressing her, Anita asks Micah if he’ll talk to Melanie the lamia about those people in Florida… oops- it’s been weeks and he never thought of that!  *facepalm*


Way to kill the mood, Micah- we’re all naked in the hot tub and you’re talking business.  Yeah, plus JC’s gotta go to a meeting soon.  Sorry, guys- how ‘bout I make it up to everyone?  *wink wink*  71 pages.


Crapter 9:


Sex.  Power, Anita and JC all spill.  77 pages.


Crapter 10:


Anita, Micah & Nate crawl into bed to watch JC get dressed.  He’s wearing his engagement ring- I won’t bore you with the details.  But trust me, it’s all so, so zexy.  Heck, even his thigh-high boots have diamonds in the garters.


Micah’s admiring the show as well, so it’s time to wangst about being attracted to men.  Back in the day JC did as he was ordered, but didn’t get into it until he met Asher.


JC reminds them about talking to Melanie; she’s thousands of years old, has never been human and pretty arrogant, so take some backup.  Nate decides to come along, since he used to bang her… wait, what?  Uh yeah- before Nate hooked up with Anita he was screwing Melanie for protection.  Anita’s a little creeped out by it all.  Anyways, the sooner we talk to her the sooner we can come back and fuck some more.  Well, when you put it that way…   85 pages.


Almost 100 pages and literally nothing's happened yet.  Same old, same old.