Book Flog- Anita Blake: Serpentine, Chapter 11 (I... don't know what to make of this shit)



Crapter 11:


Anita & Micah let Nicky & Bram know they’re leaving, so Nicky brings along Stunt Doubles #23567 & #39876, aka Rodina and Ru.  (Hope someone knows who the heck they are, because I damn sure don’t.) Oh ok-  they’re twins who used to work for Mommy Dearest who were in the last book and their other brother, Rodrigo, got killed in Ireland after he’d killed Domino.  Anita recalls she’d had to mind-fuck the three of them (her words) to turn them into Brides, like Nicky, so Rodrigo could free her to kill the bad guys.  Every time she sees them, she remembers those moments.


Nate shows up and he and the twins share a friendly squeeze; turns out he’s been requesting them.  Rodina thinks it’s because they’re like victory trophies to him.  The way he looks at her after saying that makes Anita think there’s a little something going on here.  Ru says being Nate’s trophies is better than being Anita’s Funeral Dirge; she can’t look at them without remembering what happened in Ireland.  What the fuck?- I lost one of my many boyfriends; yeah, well- we lost our brother.  *mic drop*  Yeah, well- sorry if you’re missing him.  IF?!?  He. Was. Our. Brother- He died saving you; we had a bond that was unimaginable.  Yeah, well- it’s not, because I got a taste of it when I mind-fucked you and took you over.  Besides, first he killed Domino and made me drink his blood, so I dunno what you want from me.  Ok, well- he could be cruel sometimes, but he gave his life for redemption.  No, he gave his life after I flipped the three of you.  Yeah- we still don’t understand how that happened.  Simple- your Master wasn’t strong enough to block me. 


Anita muses on how drinking Domino’s blood gave her the Tiger Powers she’d been after since Bullet (can’t believe I remembered this shit) by fulfilling the Tiger Clan Prophecy; she can’t get past the fact that if Rodrigo hadn’t done that they’d all be dead. 


Nicky & Bram show up to break the tension.  Anita steps away to brood and try some techniques of getting in touch with her beasts that she’s learned in THERAPY!  What’s odd is the first to pop up is a male lion, not her lioness, and the two are clashing.  Rudina and Ru think it’s because Anita’s got both Mommy Dearest and Moroven inside of her amping things up.  And don’t forget what happened in the graveyard after Lover of Death died.  Face it, Anita- you’re our new Evil Queen; there’s YouTube videos of you raising that army of zombies in Colorado…




No, I’m not.  Yes, you are.  No.  Yes.  Uh huh.  Uh uh.  You’ve got the power and you use it.  I use it to save lives.  Whatever; you’re rolling deep in it.  But I do good things, so I’m ok.  Well… maybe, but that’s boring.  I’m in love with three of the men standing here.  Nah, that just makes you a whore.  So being good is what Christian, Muslim, Jewish definitions say?  (OH COME ON WITH THIS BULLSHIT!!!)  Yeah, isn’t it?  Well, GOD says I’m ok- so there!  No way- God doesn’t approve of this stuff!  Yep, sure does- I pray and my stuff still glows around undead, so I’m all good.  Wait- this can’t be right; you sex everybody and raise zombies…  Yeah, and GOD thinks it’s cool, so zip yer lip!


Ru’s totally flummoxed; if Anita’s not EBIL, she won’t let them do the kind of stuff Rodrigo did... you know, for laughs.  Ru hopes Anita falls from Grace so she can get back to having some fun.


Btw- Nate wants to talk to Melanie first so he can sweet talk her before they interrogate her.   101 pages.


I’m… not entirely sure what all just happened here.