Book Flog- Anita Blake: Serpentine, Chapters 12 & 13 (Still NOTHING)



Crapter 12:


They make their way through the Circus of the Damned to see the Melanie the Lamia, cutting through the line.  Some new guard at the tent doesn’t recognize them, so after a pointless minor square off and even more pointless infodump and mindless narration they go in.


FYI- for some stupid reason, no one gets it that lamias are Greek, so the décor is Mediterranean; all folks seem to know about mythological snakes is Medusa, so they switched up to avoid confusion.  (Why bother with all this crap?  Don’t fucking ask me.)

Micah realizes Nate hasn’t seen the pics of the snake people yet, so they take a moment.  Melanie catches sight of Anita and voila!- resting bitch face… but she warms up when she sees Nate, who turns on the charm; she retorts that maybe he prefers darker-skinned women (ya know- cause Anita’s all pasty and shit) and feels him up a little, so Micah moves in to give Anita a comfort hug.  Nate and Melanie are so at ease together it makes Anita wonder if the concept of fuck buddies existed back in Ancient Greece.  *headdesk*


Anita watches Melanie move to the couch, amazed that a woman with the lower half of snake can… move like a snake (ok- are we getting punked here or something?).  Micah tries to show Melanie the pics on his phone, but she’s more interested in his engagement ring- the one he got from Nate- and asks if it’s all true.  Looks like she cares more for Nate than she let on. 


Melanie asks Anita why she’s not wearing her ring (who fucking cares?!?); she replies it’s only for formal occasions.  She’ll show it if Melanie looks at the pics.  Melanie was going to anyway, so it’s a win-win.  111 pages.


Crapter 13:


Melanie asks why they’d think she knew anything about this shit.  Well… you’re Ancient Greek and all, so we just wondered; they want to break the curse.  If it’s a curse, there’s no cure- just another spell.  And curses back then were aimed at one person, maybe a tribe or a city.  If the gods wanted to wipe out a family, they’d just do it- no messing around. 


Anita asks if she ever personally saw it done; Melanie reminds Anita that she was worshiped as a goddess once, and knows what they’re like.  Tensions rise; Nate calms things down by reminding Melanie that Anita freed her from her master (Anita always has to win, no matter what). 


We didn’t think these folks were lamias, just that there aren’t a lot of snake shifters in the world.  Yeah, like you know every type of feline out there.  Anita notes that her temper’s usually worse than this- maybe she’s been to THERAPY, too? 


Ok, sorry to bother you; we’re leaving.  Melanie gives Nate a kiss on the cheek.  116 pages. 


Is it me or couldn’t this have been done with a phone call or texting?