eReader App Review: AI Reader

Next up is AI Reader, created by a Ukrainian developer & available via Google Play, but easy enough to find elsewhere if you search for it.  This app was last updated literally a year ago- which tells you something.



- Book reader compatible with Android 1.6+
- read formats: fb2, fb3, fbz, txt, epub (no DRM), html, doc, docx, odt, rtf, mobi (no DRM), prc (PalmDoc), tcr. Supported ZIP and GZ archives.
- It is possible to specify an encoding of reading file (include 932, 936, 949, 950 code page).
- Support Text-To-Speech (TTS) (permission to the calls need to stop tts while calling)
- Support network libraries (OPDS)
- Local library. The selection of authors, series, title, publication year, genre.
- Supported interface languages: russian, english, german, greek, ukrainian, belarusian, polish, chineze, bulgarian, turkish.
- Supported external dictionaries.
- Fb2 and TXT file editing. If a file is in an archive, edited file is unpacked to the same directory as the original one.
- It is possible to select code page for file names in zip.
- Correct hyphenation for 20 languages.
- Four profiles with independent font, color, brightness, gamma correction and indent of text.
- One- and two-page mode with automatic switch to the two-page mode in landscape.
- Configuring of display styles (headings, citations, abstracts, etc.). Each style includes font, color, text style, text size, shadow, indent, spacing and so on.
- Search.
- Autoscroll "wave" and "slide".
- 3D paging animation.
- Initial letter to one or two lines of text at the beginning of each chapter or paragraph.
- Independent setting of all items in the status bar and footer for windowed and full-screen mode.
- Support for display of footnotes on the page for fb2- and (most) epub-files.
- The horizontal and vertical alignment of text on the screen.
- Hanging punctuation.
- "Sections from a new page" option.
- Navigation in the text: by percents, by pages, to the beginning/end of the text, 10 pages forward/backward, to the next/previous chapter.
- Table of contents in fb2-, doc- and epub-files.
- 9 tap-zones for short and long taps, gestures, gestures with two fingers, resize text by "pinch", to assign the actions for buttons.
- Support E-Ink screens. Adaptation of appearance for the E-Ink screens, support of "fast" refresh for many EINK devices.
- Fixation of screen rotation.
- Support 9.png skins with automatic selection of one- or two-page mode.
- Upon selection of embedded texture, background color is taken into account, i.e. mix of textures and colors.
- Clock behind the text.
- Quotes, bookmarks, text labeling, sending the selected text to third-party programs.
- Creating shortcuts for books on the home screen.
- Save / restore program settings / styles / current profile (+fonts, +skins) / text styles.
- Ability to hold screen backlight (up to 20 minutes of inactivity).
- Fine-tuning of various indentations, adjusting software shading of the screen (if minimal hardware brightness level is too high for comfortable use).
- The program collects anonymous statistics of open books for creating the top -100 authors and books. This top -100 is available in program.


That's a lotta features.  Too bad you don't need 90% of them, and the app still doesn't do what it should be doing.


After scrolling through the features/FAQ, it's time to upload books.  True enough, it took almost no time to scan the folder and upload the files, although you get a limited choice of the layout you want to see them in.






Biggest problem here is you can't scan & upload a folder from an SD card- only from the internal drive.  Any books on an SD card have to be uploaded individually... provided you can first figure out how to access the card through the app.  You'd have to scroll back through the directory via the tablet- NOT the app itself- otherwise it'll just take you back to the app menu and you'll be left wondering why you can't find your books.


Page layouts aren't bad, but get jumbled sometimes.  Transitions are smooth via either page turning animation with a simple swipe left or just scrolling down.




Even though the font size on Word documents is easily adjustable, the docs sometimes have no formatting and end up as one giant, unending mass of words.  *sigh*  Also, you're unable to close the files when you're done.  They'll just sit there until you open another one to displace it.


This is another wannabe that could've been good if it had been designed to perform even basic functions properly.  Skip it.


1/5 stars.