New Year, Same Shite

Ten years.


Been going to the BEA for ten years now, and acquired a lot of books.  If this sounds like an episode of Hoarders, you'd be right.  Thankfully, with ebooks I'm not quite as hopeless as I would've been.


During Christmas week I spent the better part of three days sorting through the TBR mountain range in my apartment- anything I had in epub or simply wasn't gonna read had to go.




So after sending some off to a few local bookstores, I still had a shitload to deal with, and no more boxes to pack them in.  Fortunately, I had a bunch of Trader Joe's shopping bags.



This proved a mixed blessing as it made things too easy.   Someone came along and took about six bags in his shopping cart- left the big box alone.  By the weekend about half the box was left and Sanitation claimed it on Monday.  Good thing is I'm no longer in danger of going missing for a week and being found under a pile of old ARCs.  Bad news is I have plenty of room for more this summer.