Down Right Dirty Dancing

Dancing - Laurell K. Hamilton

Ok, so- Anita, Nate and Micah walk into a barbecue... (rim shot!)

Maybe I shouldn't use terms like that... might give Hamilton ideas.

Anyways, Anita & the boys are attending a cookout at Zerbrowski's house- along with their recurring guest star: Monica's four-year old son, Matthew- and it's the first time she's bringing them all 'round, which means a story about a whole lotta wangst, pure and simple. Why there's a four-year old child involved with all this, I've no idea- and apparently neither does Hamilton. With all the rampant misogyny and misandry, plus gratuitous M/M/F making out (with the child watching, no less) what purpose does having a child around serve, except to make scenes even more off-putting than usual? Nate even reveals to everyone that he'd spent years trying to get Anita to sleep with him while Matthew is standing there listening! And the point of this is... to lead us into a ham-fisted piece of wtf-ery about teaching our children the redeeming social value of being polyamorous/heteroflexible and how it's ok to be a dancer since all teh girlz will like it. Hence the title.

Sandwiched between the same old same old- endless repetitions of Micah and Nate's physical descriptions- comes the same old same old- pissing contests about Anita's love life, teh married skankz and haterz trying to get with Nate, jellus hubbies of teh skankz, and so on. With no baddies to chase after, you'll be getting forty pages worth of it. Oh, and an excerpt from the barely released Affliction- which really makes it seem more like a Beauty redux: an outtake wrenched into something and tacked on with more unnecessary fluff to justify the price. And with the kid around, you feel kinda dirty for it.