How To Bore People FSOG Style

How To Seduce Women Fifty Shades of Grey Style - Adam J. Bryson

This is supposed to be attempting to explain how a woman, once enamored and enthralled by the myriad dark delights simmering within the pages of FSOG, can be enticed into experiencing them... along with you, of course. But it's really yet another of those quiki wiki-books that you'd be better off Googling or Wiki-ing on your own. To give them context, each chapter is prefaced by a brief outline of how things were explored in FSOG, but it doesn't mean much.

Chap 1: The Secret Feelings of Women- in which are explained the things that will have her quivering in your hands (sic), including making her feel attractive, keeping your movements slow and deliberate, smiling, tone of voice and eye contact (are we dealing with a woman or a pit bull?).

Chap 2: Domination & Submission- where you learn such words as Bondage, Collars, Rope and Shackles/Handcuffs.

Chap 3: Engage in Fantasy- Costumes, Props & Lighting (oh my!). Hey- did you know that the proper music can help to set the mood? Thanks to this book, now you will.

Chap 4: Giving and Receiving Pleasure- or as the author calls it: Foreplay! Her Upper Body! Her Lower Body! Masturbation!

Chap 5: Sadism and Masochism- wherein key concepts of Sadism, Spanking, Safe Words, Whipping and Other Sources of Pain are pretty well dumbed down.

Chap 6: Heighten Her Senses- Blindfold her. That's it; you're done. There'll be a quiz later.

Chap 7: Summary- Not even gonna bother with it.

Oh yeah- and after each chapter there's a passage from what I'm guessing is one of the author's very own line of erotic novels to help speed things along... you know, just in case. It shouldn't surprise you that these are often much longer than the preceding chapter it's supposed to be enhancing. There's also a hyperlink to help you purchase said works... except it doesn't work.

In the end there's nothing here you can't find plenty about on your own, so just go ahead and do so.