Not Quite What It Says

Demon Whore: Book 1, Slut Bride- Forced, Fucked and Awakened - Erica Grey

OK, let's face it: the cover absolutely got my attention. Title didn't hurt, either.

But that's as far as it goes: a bride on her wedding day discovers she's in possession of an extremely powerful religious artifact in the form of a ring, passed down to her from her grandmother. It draws demons even as it has the power to defeat them, provided it's backed by the power of love- as in hot sex with someone you love. Just getting your groove on weakens its power, setting up future plotlines.

So on her wedding day, while Jess is seduced and orally pleases a human servant to a demon, she's prevented from going too far with him. The only person she gets with is her new husband, whom she loves, securing the ring's power. Though a close call, she never becomes a playmate of demons.

It gets points for the story idea and the overall sensuality of the encounters, but it's still not what it claims to be.