Great Zeus- This Needs Work!

Cursing Athena (Order of Seven, #1) - Lisa Sanchez

This story is loosely based upon the Greek myth Seven Against Thebes- mighty warriors tasked with sacking the city and failing. Athena plucks their souls from oblivion, juices them up and makes them her enforcers, charged with tracking down wayward demons that escape the Underworld. Tydeus, the group's Alpha, leads the latest hunt and immediately finds himself attracted to our little Mary Sunshine... just because. This is UF/PNR, after all.

All the self-pubbed mistakes apply- clumsy writing, too much telling instead of showing, inconsistent characters, etc. If this is the start of a series, it should be more developed- a few extra paragraphs and better editing wouldn't hurt anything. And where the heck is Arcade, the story's setting, anyway- an alternate dimension, parallel Earth, pocket universe? But since this is UF/PNR and we have to get right to the smexy, I guess none of that really matters right now. Maybe the answers to these and other questions is coming in the later books, but this doesn't make you too eager to find out.