Are You For Real?

Are Witches Real? - Barbara Bradford

"This book is for instructional and entertainment purposes. The facts and information contained in this book are not meant to upset or anger anyone or their beliefs. This book is for information only and for anyone seeking the truth of witchcraft."

Well, when you lead with a contradictory disclaimer like that, how can you go wrong?

The author claims to pose the question of the existence of witches, answering with a resounding 'yes'- because the Bible says so. And that's it. A listing of bible quotes- 36, if you're wondering- regarding sorcery and witchcraft to satisfy your every query. A few are even repeated twice to make sure you get them right. But there's a couple that don't have anything to do with witchcraft at all, so I don't know... Maybe this sketchpad of a 'book' should've been titled, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Witchcraft But Were Afraid To Ask... Because The Bible Tells Me So." Just skip it.