Glad He Was Born, Too

I Didn't Ask to Be Born: (But I'm Glad I Was) - Bill Cosby

This is one of those things that after you get it you realize you been wanting one all along. Not that it's life changing or anything, just something you're glad to have gotten.

Set as anecdotes from different episodes in his life and spaced by cutting observations and wry musings, it's delivered in the classic Cosby style- like he's just sitting across from you and telling stories. Sometimes hysterical (the way he describes telling his friends about how pretty Bernadette Johnson was is priceless) but always amusing, it's another visit from a good friend you haven't seen in far too long.

To give a little teaser, here's one of my favorite snippets from the book, Message To The Groom: Think about having your mother (not her father) escort your bride down the aisle. As you watch them approach you can see your whole life coming at you. Your mother- that dear, lovely woman who saved everything when you were growing up: trophies, drawings, everything you ever did- walking with the woman who, as time goes by, will throw them all out.

After all these years Bill Cosby remains Cos, and it won't be until you read this book that you'll realize you kinda missed him. It's a fun, light read that'll definitely make you laugh and the bonus content ain't no slouch, either. Enjoy it- and thanks, Bill.