Asleep At The Pulpit

Why God Won't Go Away: Is the New Atheism Running on Empty? - Alister E. McGrath

This is one of the few books in my life I couldn't muster enough energy or interest in to finish- probably because if the author had actually addressed the issues at hand I might have.

McGrath tries to put together a cohesive, compelling argument against what's termed New Atheism, but neglects several key points- probably because they'd undermine his argument. One would be why atheism exists; as a former atheist himself I'd think he'd be able to articulate their disdain and alienation from not only the dominant organized religions but any belief system. He doesn't. McGrath acknowledges the ideas of religions creating many problems but fails to actually plumb them in-depth, only giving them lip service before sweeping them under the rug.

In the end, at less than a hundred and fifty pages, instead of a discourse about atheists and what's wrong with their philosophy you get a Sunday School lesson.