The Not-So Strange Case of Joe Gazzam

Was kind of hoping to have retired this particular feature.  Really don't want to have keep revisiting this bullshit... not even over Anne Rice's rantings.  But somehow it just keeps happening.


The latest comes from Joe Gazzam, author of Uncaged, a YA thriller published by Zova Books.  Mr. Gazzam seems to have quite a career under his belt- writing for several movies and TV shows, including an upcoming Disney project.  Except no one's ever heard of themEven his IMDb page is rather lacking, citing a few blurbs rather than any actual credits.  It's true that lots of assistant writers go unlisted, and all script doctors do, but I still haven't been able to find a solid reference to his work yet.


Meet Joe Gazzam. You'll soon wish you hadn't.

Regardless, the issue here stems from- you guessed it!- trying to pimp his new book and his response to few bad reviews on Goodreads.  Seems Mr. Gazzam decided to be creative and make himself a sockpuppet of a twelve-year old girl (a few actually) to spam the good word about his work as seen here and here and here.  His response to the exposure of his foolishness was equally bad, sending out a blanket excuse email to everyone who'd sussed him out.  See for yourselves.


"from:Joe Gazzam

I'm hesitant to write this as I'm afraid you might misinterpret my tone as aggressive, when I don't mean to be. If it weren't for my niece, I wouldn't risk it, but here it goes. I don't think Cameron is a bad guy or means to hurt anyone. Nor do I think you are.

But you are hurting people. Someone in particular.


The 12 year old that wrote a glowing review for my book was...a 12 year old. She is my niece. Her mother is very strict, hyper conservative in extremely weary of the internet. Thus, she is not allowed on Facebook and not allowed to post pics on anything.


So, she joined goodreads and pulled a pic off the internet to use as her sig pic. Just like half the people on Goodreads use pics off the internet and not their own. Unless there really are vampires on this site. Now, she then did go overboard and messaged a bunch of people telling them to check out the book. I believe so much that she was marked as spam and kicked off.


I had no knowledge of this. Was I mad about it? To be honest, no. How mad could I be? She was trying to help. I was actually flattered and honestly though that was the end of it.


Problem is Cameron, without any facts, without any knowledge whatsoever -- assumed the worse. He decided that it had to be me -- the author -- who was doing it. But it wasn't. The conclusion he jumped to led to a bunch of really, reallllllly creepy attacks on me. And then all of his friends -- assuming Cameron was acting on fact -- joined in.

Again, I can take it, I'm a grown up. And I'm not asking you to remove your 1 star rating. Problem is -- my niece now knows about it. She still goes on this site and has seen all the attacks. She literally was crying to my sister the other night. This is a 12 year old who thinks she's the cause of all this stuff.


Again, I don't think Cameron is a hateful guy. He actually seems like a pretty nice guy. But you can't make accusations like this on a hunch. You can really hurt people.

Anyway, I hope my tone came off okay, you never know when you are writing. I would send this to Cameron, but ironically, he doesn't accept messages. If you would pass it along, I would appreciate it. If he wants to talk to me personally, I will call him to discuss.

I'll try and send this note to a couple other people as well, hopefully it registers.


Thanks for listening. Take care."


His behavior is almost unbelievable, and yet not much of a surprise.  The whole fiasco's well covered with  a little bit of spice added to the mix over on 38 Caliber Reviews, including the salient starting point that twelve-year olds aren't allowed to have accounts on GR.  Yeah-  another one who didn't read the rules, so it's everyone else's fault bad things happened.


And ya can't help but love Cameron's YouTube video about the whole thing.  Makes you wonder if a few good blogs out there will be soon rushing to his defense about his being bullied.


I swear by Chthulu's left tentacle, you can't make this shit up.