Wars Make Men Great

Legacy of the Bloodborn - Max Cooper

In a world where the politics of religion and steel rule the day, where the guilds of the lowborn currently hold the power, the first Guild King attempts to force the orc tribes into submission by sanctioning a deadly gambit: kidnapping the son of their most powerful warlord in order to bring him to heel. But as always, the best laid plans tend to go awry. Ah, politics...

Descriptions are clunky, with more telling than showing. Also too much head-hopping, jumping from one character's perspective to another which gets a little confusing. But the characterizations are pretty good- an interesting bunch inhabits these pages. Author Max Cooper builds an intriguing stage for his characters to roam around in; the worldbuilding makes you want to learn more about this place.

A pretty good start to what looks like an intriguing series.