Maggie Spence Is Totally CrayCray

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<<Edit for background: Maggie Spence is the author of Vardin Village. She and other authors (she was the organizer) voted each others' books onto various Goodreads' Listopia. Despite repeated warnings from KDP forum members to stop and then to remove her books, Spence continued to insist she did nothing wrong and in fact she showed up on Mahala's review to argue with several reviewers that it didn't bother her that she was getting shelved and rated. She has since posted several times at KDP forums that she doesn't care about what she did, she's laughing at everyone who said she was going to hurt her career, her sales are great, none of this bothers her at all, her life is good, etc. She keeps bringing the topic back up despite other authors' pleas for her to let it die. There are threads still ongoing at KDP forums about it although the mods have removed many of the comments.>>


Thanks to Barbara Lindt-Ninja for the additional background info.


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Author Maggie Spence just called me and is now going to give my phone number to all who will listen. Because I am the source of all her problems here.


Evidently at loooong last I HAZ THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!


Now go forth my minions (all 3 of you) and, you know, read a book or something.


God in heaven."