LORE: Tales of Myth & Legend Retold

***Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this in exchange for a review.***



LORE is an anthology of six short stories based on various myths and mythologies ranging from Native American to Aztec to Hebrew. It’s a bit of an odd mix but they’re all pretty interesting. And unlike Disney, it ain’t always a Happily Ever After ending.


Shimmer by Brinda Berry- a young mermaid struggles to assimilate into the modern world. But does she even want to… especially after meeting a handsome young man? Don’t look for Little Mermaid here; this is a New Adult tale laden with angst and conflict.


Between by Karen Bynum- high school peer pressure boils over when uptown girl Lucy has to decide between popularity and Natasha, the girl she loves. The choice she’ll make changes everything, and the consequences may be more than she can bear. Tragedy, drama and sorrow- this one’s loaded like Shakespeare. With djinn, no less.


Sunset Moon by Laura Diamond – Eloise is a troubled young girl sent to connect with her Native American heritage in an attempt to steer her away from self-destruction. The signs are all there, but is it truly the beginnings of a spiritual journey or just a really bad high? This one’s full on teen rebellion complete with drugs and abusive boyfriend. Too much time spent on her tragic backstory and buildup, and not enough on the mysticism and Native culture; plus the romance seemed forced.


The Maker by Jayne Knolls- after a car accident leaves his mind and body shattered, Brett seeks ice cold revenge on his ex-girlfriend Cassandra for abandoning him in the wreck, to be dished and dispensed by the best golem his money and intellect can buy and create. But will it be enough for this modern-day Frankenstein? Or his creation? Got all the makings of a good ol’ fashioned horror story in this one.


A Beautiful Mourning by Theresa DaLayne- Mayan gods Ishel and Kinich pledge their eternal love to one another, despite her betrothal to Nacon. Their love compels them to flee to the middle world, jeopardizing all of Nature and incurring her father’s and Nacon’s wrath. Kinda on the light side and a little confusing on the magical elements. The non-speaking character Balam was the best part of it.


The Barricades by Cate Dean- Celtic gods and humans have resettled on a distant planet. Humans are driven into servitude and squalor while the Eternals reign over them once again. Daniel, son of an Eternal and a human, finds himself entangled in a fatal conspiracy and only a human girl can save him. Very intriguing premise that teases you with the possibilities. Thankfully the author plans on expanding upon it.


It’s an interesting collection of shorts- all new twists on the old favorites. Read and enjoy.